Conducting Competition

Rules of 12th Competition - December 2017

Lorenzo Viotti - 2013


1.1. Candidates’ age The Cadaqués Orchestra International Conducting Competition is open to conductors of all nationalities born after the 21st of December of 1981.

1.2. Application

Candidates should apply online at www.orquestradecadaques.com as of the date of the call for applications (to be decided) and no later than September 2017, and attach the following documents:

a) Passport

b) Curriculum vitae

c) Examination certificate(s) and material supporting their curriculum vitae

d) Two or more letters of recommendation (written in one of the official languages of the competition or, failing that, a sworn translation) e) One photograph (resolution: A300DPF; size 10x15cm)

f) Brief written biography in English (maximum 150 words) to be included in the competition programme

*All documents in one of the official languages of the competition

VERY IMPORTANT: applications must be submitted online. Candidates will be informed of the acceptance of their applications by confirmation of receipt, by email, from the organization. The confirmation will be sent within three days of the processing of the candidate’s application. Any candidate who does not receive confirmation can contact the organization.

1.3. Number of candidates

The Organizing Committee will review the documentation provided by the candidates and directly select a maximum of fifty contestants. The selected candidates will be informed of their acceptance before 15 October 2017.

NOTIFICATION OF PRELIMINARY AUDITIONS: The candidates who have not been selected directly may opt for a special preliminary audition, which if they pass, allows them to participate in the competition. For more information, consult

PRELIMINARY AUDITION. A maximum of ten candidates may be selected through the preliminary auditions. Together with the fifty participants selected directly, a total number of sixty contestants will take part in the first round of the competition.

1.4. Registration fee

The selected candidates must send the registration fee and any material requested by the Organizing Committee before 30 September 2017. The fee is €330 (excluding bank charges) and must be sent by bank transfer. €180 corresponds to the registration fees and €150 covers the cost of accommodation while the candidate is taking part in the competition. Candidates may organise their own accommodation if they so wish, in which case they will only pay the registration fee.

1.5. Accommodation The Organising Committee will provide hotel accommodation free of charge, during the time of the candidate’s active participation in the competition. Per diem and travelling expenses will be the contestants’ own responsibility.

1.6. Date of preliminary audition All contestants should be present on the day, time and place to be duly communicated. Conductors will be called to perform in alphabetical order, beginning with a first letter chosen at random.

Vlad Vizireanu, 2nd Prize 2013


2.1. Parts of the competition The Competition is divided into five parts: first round, second round, third round, fourth round or semi-finals and the finals. 2.2. Number of contestants There will be no more than sixty contestants in the first round, no more than twenty in the second round, no more than seven in the third round, no more than three in the semi-finals, and no more than two in the final round. 2.3. Open competition All parts of the competition will be open to the public, and may be recorded and broadcasted by radio or television. Conductors have no rights to royalties on these recordings and/or broadcastings. 2.4. Orchestra All contestants will conduct the Ensemble of the Cadaqués Orchestra in the first round, and the Cadaqués Orchestra in the rest of the rounds. 2.5. First round Conductors will be allowed 10 minutes for the selection round, during which they will conduct the work detailed in section 3.1. 2.6. Second round Conductors will be allowed 15 minutes for the second round, during which they will conduct the work detailed in section 3.2. 2.7. Third round During the third round the conductor will conduct one work from section 3.3. The Artistic Committee / The Jury will decide which works the candidate will conduct and their order. The contestants will be given 30 minutes to perform these works. 2.8. Fourth round or semi-finals For the semi-finals contestants will have to conduct a work commissioned by the competition (section 3.4.). This work will be given to all candidates the 3 June 2012. The contestants will be given 45 minutes to perform the work. 2.9. Finals For the finals contestants will have to conduct the work from section 3.5.a and one work from section 3.5.b, which will be chosen by the Artistic Committee / The Jury. The finals will be held on day, time and place to be duly communicated. Finalists will be given one hour to rehearse with the Cadaqués Orchestra on the same day.

Semi-finalists 2013


Preliminary Auditions:

Igor STRAVINSKY: Histoire du soldat (Chester Music ISBN: 0711938415).

3.1. First Round

Arnold SCHÖNBERG: Pierrot Lunaire, op. 21 (Universal Edition) 

3.2. Second Round

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART: Symphony n. 41 in C major, K551 "Júpiter"(Bärenreiter)

3.3. Third Round 

a) Juli GARRETA: Impressions simfòniques (Tritó Edicions)

 b) Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Symphony n. 7 in A major (Breitkopf & Härtel)

3.4. Fourth Round or Semi-Finals 

Gabriel ERKOREKA: competition comissioned work 

( the work will be given to the conductors at the opening of the competition) 

3.5 Finals:

a) Gabriel ERKOREKA:  comissioned work (world premiere) 

b) Vicent MARTÍN I SOLER: Recitative and aria of L'arbore de Diana: "Perfidi! In questa guisa... - Sento che dea son io" (Tritó Edicions)

c.1) Johannes BRAHMS:  Variations on a theme by Joseph Haydn, op.56a (Breitkopf & Härtel)

c.2) Robert SCHUMANN: Overture, Scherzo, & Finale, op.52 (Breitkopf & Härtel)


These are the recommended editions because they are the ones used by the Orchestra. If candidates decide to use another edition, they may encounter problems with the bar numbers and rehearsal marks.

All these scores can be ordered at Tritó Edicions: http://www.trito.es A/e: info@trito.es.

NOTE: Candidates are not allowed to use photocopies of the scores during the competition. Candidates who use photocopies will be excluded.

First Prize 2013, Lorenzo Viotti


4.1. Awards

The judges will give two awards: First Prize and Second Prize

4.2. The judge’s decision

Any one of the two prizes can be declared void and the second prize may be declared ex aequo.

4.3. Orchestral engagements

The First Prize winner will receive a contract to conduct during the 2017-18, 2018-19 or 2019-20 seasons a programme. The orchestras that gave a concert at the 11th Competition were: BBC Philharmonic (Manchester); Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa; Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa; Joven Orquesta Nacional de España; Orquesta Ciudad de Granada; Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria; Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra; Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León; Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia; Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias; Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife;  Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid; Orquestra de Cadaqués; Orquestra de València; Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya; Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès; Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla; Real Filharmonía de Galicia; Royal Liverpool Philharmonic; Wiener Kammerorchester (Viena)

Jury for the 11th Competition - December 2013


5.1. The panel of judges

The Panel of Judges is presided by: Maestro Gianandrea Noseda 

5.2. The panel’s sessions

During the panel’s sessions the artistic director of the competition will act as secretary, with no right to vote. The judges’ decisions will be secret and final.

5.3. During the course of auditions

The panel has the right to interrupt the contestants during performances to ask them questions, and also has the right to order them to finish before their time is up.

5.4. The panel’s rights The organisers have the right to change the number of contestants in any of rounds of the competition, as well as the right to introduce any changes necessary for the smooth functioning of the competition.

In the event of any doubts as regards the different translations of the competition terms and conditions, the Catalan version is the definitive text.


Conducting Competition

Conducting Competition

Price: 12,04€


  • Cadaqués Orchestra
  • Cadaqués Orchestra
  • Lorenzo Viotti, First Prize of the 11th Competition, December 2013
  • Cadaqués Orchestra & Gianandrea Noseda
  • Vlad Vizireanu, Second Prize 11th Competition, december 2013
  • International Conduction Competition - 2008
  • Gianandrea Noseda, principal and main conductor
  • Gianandrea Noseda and the Orchestra, January 2008
  • Jaime Martín, main conductor
  • Jaime Martín
  • Sir Neville Marriner, principal guest conductor
  • Narcís Casanovas' Motets at Palau de la Música
  • Mendelssohn's Midsummernight's dream at Palau de la Música
  • With Ainhoa Arteta and Sir Neville Marriner at Zaragoza Auditorium - 2008
  • Eight songs for a Mad King - Madrid, March 2010
  • Eight songs for a Mad King - Madrid, March 2010

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